On July 20th, A Mammoth And Delicious Essay Fiesta

Come and listen to G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive), “‘an International Award Winning Author from Chicago’s South Side and has penned seven books, contributed to various anthologies, and in 2015, he written his first novel, The Warmest Winter(A James Gordon Mystery). G.P.A. can be seen on episodes of Sirens, Chicago Fire and PD, Empire, and Shameless, as well as the critically acclaimed film “Animals”.'”

This is to support great tutoring and mentorship programming at 826Chicago.

Essay Fiesta

Jefferson CheeseOn July 20, 1801, a community of devout Baptists in Connecticut combined their powers to create a 1,235-pound wheel of cheese, which they sent down the eastern shore via sailboat and sleigh to Washington D.C., where President Thomas Jefferson awaited the gift. According to newspaper accounts, Jefferson “stood in the White House doorway, arms outstretched, eagerly awaiting the cheese’s arrival.” (Yes, this is a true story.)

We’ll be peddling a mammoth amount of essay cheese, the most delicious of all cheeses, on July 20, 2015,at 7pm. Come on down to The Book Cellar and take a bite out of this sharp, nutty wedge of writers and performers:

As always, we’ll be accepting donations…

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