Emily Lund: 5 Reasons Why I Made Less than Men

I feel like this is something that I should have read when I first graduated from college, because having no background in business, when I landed my first job, I just said “yes” and there was no benefit/salary negotiation. There is some regret there, but also I did the same thing when it came to my raises! I wish there was a “speak up for yourself” class my senior year in undergrad than all the b.s. that they think makes a well-rounded individual. Alas, no one has set me aside to try and talk to me about this that wasn’t a man. I wish there was a woman mentor I could have gone to for information like this.

Drinkers with Writing Problems

I believe this was my first DWWP piece.  I have since left the company where I was the only woman. I now work at a company filled with women getting shit done! This piece still inspired me to negotiate what I was worth.  Enjoy!


Back in 2012…

One of my fellow directors at work recently quit. As a parting gift to me, he told me how much he and the other male directors in my department make. Their salaries were on average, 28% higher than mine. They have not been with the company years and years longer, they do not have more responsibility than I do, and they do not do a better job than I do (just my opinion, of course). The whole situation angered me to no end but also forced me to evaluate why I make less than my male equivalents. Fundamentally, I feel that I make less than them because…

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