The Assistants – Book Review


The Assistants A Novel by Camille Perri

I give it three stars.

It starts off amazingly strong, and the sample chapter that is for free on kindle really hooked me into reading this book. I’ve had it in my cart for over a month because I didn’t really know when I would have the time to read it and it just sort of pushed me into buying it when it appeared as a recommendation on PureWow Books.

Did I mention the PureWow Books is amazing? If you have not subscribed to their newsletter yet, you should get on that.

Anyways, after the attention grab at the beginning, the story evolves steadily and some new characters are added, but there is this whole section on this guy at her work that is utterly just put in their to add fluff.

I wish their was no guy in this book.

This book was very much at the center of things, a novel about a girl, who has been working at the same job that she is overqualified for, and she ends up making a choice.

That choice is like telling lie. After one lie, you need to tell another to cover it up, and then another, but this had to do with stealing from her boss/her employer.

Ultimately, I did enjoy the book, but I did not enjoy the forced interactions with cute boy.

I did recommend this book, a lot, and that was before I even finished reading it! So my recommendation is, that sure you should read it, because it was ridiculously fascinating at the beginning. However, you may want to consider checking it out of the library. It is not a rush read (unless it is part of your book club or something!)