The Assistants – Book Review


The Assistants A Novel by Camille Perri

I give it three stars.

It starts off amazingly strong, and the sample chapter that is for free on kindle really hooked me into reading this book. I’ve had it in my cart for over a month because I didn’t really know when I would have the time to read it and it just sort of pushed me into buying it when it appeared as a recommendation on PureWow Books.

Did I mention the PureWow Books is amazing? If you have not subscribed to their newsletter yet, you should get on that.

Anyways, after the attention grab at the beginning, the story evolves steadily and some new characters are added, but there is this whole section on this guy at her work that is utterly just put in their to add fluff.

I wish their was no guy in this book.

This book was very much at the center of things, a novel about a girl, who has been working at the same job that she is overqualified for, and she ends up making a choice.

That choice is like telling lie. After one lie, you need to tell another to cover it up, and then another, but this had to do with stealing from her boss/her employer.

Ultimately, I did enjoy the book, but I did not enjoy the forced interactions with cute boy.

I did recommend this book, a lot, and that was before I even finished reading it! So my recommendation is, that sure you should read it, because it was ridiculously fascinating at the beginning. However, you may want to consider checking it out of the library. It is not a rush read (unless it is part of your book club or something!)

Emily Lund: 5 Reasons Why I Made Less than Men

I feel like this is something that I should have read when I first graduated from college, because having no background in business, when I landed my first job, I just said “yes” and there was no benefit/salary negotiation. There is some regret there, but also I did the same thing when it came to my raises! I wish there was a “speak up for yourself” class my senior year in undergrad than all the b.s. that they think makes a well-rounded individual. Alas, no one has set me aside to try and talk to me about this that wasn’t a man. I wish there was a woman mentor I could have gone to for information like this.

Drinkers with Writing Problems

I believe this was my first DWWP piece.  I have since left the company where I was the only woman. I now work at a company filled with women getting shit done! This piece still inspired me to negotiate what I was worth.  Enjoy!


Back in 2012…

One of my fellow directors at work recently quit. As a parting gift to me, he told me how much he and the other male directors in my department make. Their salaries were on average, 28% higher than mine. They have not been with the company years and years longer, they do not have more responsibility than I do, and they do not do a better job than I do (just my opinion, of course). The whole situation angered me to no end but also forced me to evaluate why I make less than my male equivalents. Fundamentally, I feel that I make less than them because…

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Job Hunting? Here’s Something That Will Help

DePaul University Career Center Blog

By: Alejandra Ruiz, DePaul University honors marketing major ‘16

Are you a recent graduate, an alumni or a student who is still looking for a full-time job or internship? Are you feeling anxious about your future? Please don’t! The Just in Time Fair is here to help you. This job fair is designed exclusively for the DePaul community. At the fair, you will find recruiters from a wide range of industries who are seeking qualified candidates of all majors and experience levels to fill job, internship, and volunteer opportunities.

For your convenience, the fair is deliberately following commencement weekend, in the hopes of connecting DePaul candidates to immediate opportunities!

When it comes to attending a job fair, my one piece of advice is to prepare. Being prepared will better your chances of walking out with a new connection, an interview, or even a job offer.

Follow these simple steps to…

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We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 1, September 2016.

Deadline: July 28.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Include a 80-100 word, third person bio. Please provide your full name (aliases are okay, if appropriate), subject line with your name and title of your work, and a way we can contact you through email.

  • Poetry: two-five poems.
  • Short Fiction/ Non-fiction/memoir/topic ideas: 1000-4,000 words, two stories/prose a piece. Must be double-spaced.
  • Flash Fiction: 100-1000 words apiece. One to threepieces. Must be double-spaced.
  • Art and photography: jpgs and tiffs acceptable.

Theme: Derail to unnerve, discomfort, shock, and challenge us with raw material that’s real.

All work must be currently unpublished either online or elsewhere.
Every submission selected will be posted on the Derail: a literary magazine website or the paperback copy and the submitter will be notified through the email:

: this is an non-profit organization and…

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Kim Nelson: How DWWP Taught Me to Keep a Resolution

This post started off the same way I have felt my entire life. Just to think this all happened with a lofty goal of 15 Minutes a day…..

Drinkers with Writing Problems

Every New Years throughout my late twenties and early thirties, I had the same resolution at the top of my list: to start writing again. In college, I could easily spend hours scribbling away in a notebook, coming up with sketches and monologues for theater classes while journaling in the evenings for my own self. Something about being in my early 20’s made the writing come easily–maybe it was the lack of stress and the abundance of free time. With adulthood came more responsibility as well as full-time work, and I no longer filled empty page upon page on a weekly basis. Years passed, and the trickle slowed until it dried up completely. Sometimes I’d look back at the journal I’d optimistically start in early January the previous year, and realize I’d only written one entry, failing miserably at my resolution.

In the fall of 2012, I was laid up…

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Interview with Chris Green, Author of “Résumé”

Having met Chris Green, I can appreciate this interview even more, and absolutely love the answers! My favorite that I identify with is this: ” If there is a flaw as a writer that I regret, it’s any moments of professional striving or jealousy.”

Geosi Reads

Photo: Chris Green Photo: Chris Green

Brief Biography:

Chris Green is the author of three books of poetry: The Sky Over Walgreens, Epiphany School, and Résumé. His poetry has appeared in such publications as Poetry, New York Times, New Letters, Verse, and Nimrod. He’s edited four anthologies, including Brute Neighbors: Urban Nature Poetry, Prose & Photography and the forthcoming, I Remember: A Poem by Chicago Veterans of War. He teaches in the English Department at DePaul University. More information can be found at

Geosi Gyasi: First, let’s spend some time with your new book of poetry, Résumé. How would you describe Résumé to any reader?

Chris Green: It’s a book about “work” and all that the word evokes.

Geosi Gyasi: What inspired Résumé?

Chris Green: So much of our precious time is spent working, and yet we rarely reflect on its sense and significance…

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